What Clients Say About Renee...
"We always felt like you were going the extra mile for us.  You are incredible at what you do and you can be sure that we will let everybody know that!"

"We both liked how you were diplomatic yet tenacious during negotiations and long after the sale.  You treated everyone (buyers and sellers) respectfully, but also kept us, your clients, firmly in mind."

"The background research you performed in searching for a new house saved us countless hours of looking at houses which would not have fulfilled our needs.  Your understanding of our aesthetic and functional wish-list added greatly to our overall satisfaction with your work.  Looking at "wrong houses" is not the way to spend a busy day."

"Ms. Mathews was at all times in our association very professional and most important, accessible.  The work I asked her to do in researching various properties in Sarasota was exhaustive and perhaps tiresome.  However in the long run as a result of the information Ms. Mathews was able to obtain for me, I was able to make an informative, intelligent decision on what to purchase."

"All in all I would rate Ms. Mathews skills as a real estate salesperson as nothing short of excellent.  It was always a pleasure to work with her for she was always more than willing to go the extra mile to satisfy me."

"Her knowledge of the Sarasota area  also proved very valuable to me, as were her connections with local mortgage brokers, law firms, home inspectors, and other real estate interests in the Sarasota area."

"Renee Mathews is a real gem!"

Renee Mathews
Renee Mathews
reneemathews@comcast.net Sarasota FL 34240

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